Which is better, a single-storey villa or a double-storey villa?
Oct 9, 2022
Los Angeles
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Abstract: Those who have certain conditions and need to work from home and privacy can choose a double-storey house. For those with elderly people or babies in the family, a one-story villa is more suitable.

Why do so many Americans prefer to buy bungalows? What are their advantages and disadvantages?


In the United States, many families prefer one-story homes, which is the choice of the general public. So what is good about it?


The footprint is usually large. It usually takes a large area to build a one-story home, and land is the most valuable in the United States, so one-story homes cost more.


Sturdy and soundproof. Single-story houses are generally very sturdy. Many houses in the US feel like pure cardboard houses, with no sound insulation upstairs or downstairs, which is not a problem if the house is only one story.


High space utilization. From the space point of view, the second floor of a two-story house must have a corridor, and the function of the corridor below has overlap. A one-story house does not have this problem, there is no staircase, and the space utilization rate is higher.


It is convenient for the elderly to enter and exit. There are no stairs on the first floor of the house, so it is easier for elderly families to enter and exit.


Easy to clean. Americans do more of their own housework, so a one-story home is easier to clean.


It is easier and less expensive to move or renovate. There are no stairs in a one-story home, so it's easier to get in and out, otherwise it would be a hassle to move a large piece of furniture upstairs. Also, without stairs, it will be much cheaper to replace the carpet or flooring.


Reduce baby accidents. With a baby you don't have to worry about the baby climbing the stairs and having an accident, or running up and down in the middle of the night because you are taking care of the baby.


Large basement space. One-story usually has a basement of equal size, which is warm in winter and cool in summer.


One-story single-family houses also have disadvantages


The view is not wide enough. No matter how large the lot is, the view is no better than a two-story building. People who are used to two stories will feel that the roof of the first story does not have the same high view as the second story.


Light problems. One-story homes may have disadvantages in terms of lighting in rooms and hallways, unless the one-story home is designed with skylights for better lighting.


High cost of basement renovation. Because basements of one-story homes are generally large, many families let their children ride bicycles and play skateboards in them in the winter. If you need to renovate your basement yourself, the cost is high, typically tens of thousands of dollars.


About privacy. Bedrooms in second story homes are generally upstairs, with the living room and kitchen dining room downstairs. Guests generally do not go upstairs. However, one-story homes are less secluded, and some owners will plant a lot of vegetation in their backyard to protect their privacy.


Advantages of two-story single-family homes


The division of living functions is clear. Generally two-story single-family houses have a clearer division of functions. Some have the master bedroom upstairs and the living room, kitchen and dining room downstairs. Or the master bedroom is downstairs and the children's room is upstairs, so that work life does not affect each other and children have privacy.


There are also guest rooms on the first floor, so that guests do not affect their privacy. Families with large children and a large number of people choose more two-story houses.


Clearly divided and easy to clean. Usually the kitchen living room is on the second floor and the bedrooms are on the second floor. The first floor has long activity time and food waste needs to be disposed of as soon as possible. But the bedroom is not cleaned very often, which is convenient for do-it-yourself families.


Disadvantages of two-story single-family houses


Room temperature is very low. The room above the garage on the first floor. This room has a low temperature and is not usually used as a bedroom, it has other functions.


Not conducive to the elderly. Most of the bedrooms in two-story houses are upstairs, and it is hard for the elderly in the family to run up and down with more clothes.


High places are hard to clean. The living room of a two-story house is usually very high in height. If the light is broken or needs to be cleaned up, a super high ladder is needed, which is very inconvenient.


Uneven cooling and heating. If air conditioners are not installed separately in two-story houses, the air conditioning is unevenly cooled in summer and unevenly heated in winter, and the electricity bill is quite a lot while people are not comfortable.


In short, different room types have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is most important to choose the most suitable for you.

For families who work at home, need a quiet environment, or have a large population, two floors are more suitable.

The first floor is more suitable for families with elderly people who don't want to climb up and down all the time, don't want high electricity bills, and don't want to clean their rooms on weekends.